Navy blue

Bomber jacket (similar here) / MONKI turtleneck / vintage pants (similar here) / ASOS heels

Hey guys! Who doesn't love a bomber jacket, right!?
It's been a while since I wore a bomber jacket! I wanted to wear it in a bit of an
unexpected way with these wide pants and black pointed heels, instead of going with
something sporty. I love wearing matching colors like this. I feel like it always makes any
outfit look a lot more fun. Also navy blue is a good alternative for when you wanna
wear dark colors but not necessarily black. It looks really good with many different colors
so It's never hard to style. This isn't a really minimal look but I like to switch
it up and wear something a little edgier sometimes. Now I'm off to look for winter
shoes, high heels of course.. Hope you guys have a good day!

xo Sylvie


  1. Voi vitsi ku sun tyyli aina vaan ihastuttaa kerta toisensa jälkeen! <3 Noi housut näyttää mielettömän hyvältä ja mäki oon yrittänyt pitää silmiä auki vastaaville. Toivottavasti nappais pian :)


    1. Kiitos kiitos! <3 Kannattaa kattoo Monkista, siel on aina paljon tän tyylisii housui! :)

  2. The bomber and pants pair so well together! x



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