Zipped knit

ZARA knit & jeans / ASOS heels

Hey guys! Here's a look I wore a little while ago. I'm so obsessed with this zipped
knit. I've been wearing it quite a lot since I got it because I feel like it's such a statement
piece in whatever outfit I wear it with. The zipper totally elevated this basic turtleneck into
a whole new level of cool! Since it's pretty thin I feel like the styling possibilities are endless!
It can be worn in so many ways like under a slip dress (if that's not over-done by now) or a
v neck sweater. I feel like a lot of trends from the 90's are making comeback and I'm really
happy about that because I'm really into vintage vibes. Especially when it comes to coats.
Honestly even though I'm probably the biggest complainer about cold weather
and winter in general, I can't wait to wear winter coats again!

xo Sylvie


  1. Wow! Two of the most classic pieces in just one outfit. The cool black long sleeve top with the flared jeans. Amazing outfit girl!

  2. Just gorgeous!! I like your minimal style based in neutral colours. And this knit is perfect!


  3. very chic! Love the flared pants!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jo x


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