Gucci accessories

Hey guys! I got a new belt from Gucci via gucci.com and I wanted to share it with you
guys because I'm really excited about it!! I've wanted it for a while but for the longest time I
thought it was kinda silly to "invest" in a belt but then I decided to just go ahead and get it since I
couldn't stop thinking about it. I was a little torn between this one and the double G buckle one
but I ended up choosing classic over trendy as I usually do and I'm really glad I did! I got this
in one of the smaller sizes so I could also wear it on my waist on top of coats and dresses.
This belt is definitely gonna add a lot to any outfit I wear it with!

xo Sylvie


  1. Oon ihastellut tätä viime aikoina niin paljon!! Ihan loisto ostos siis :) Odottelen tietenkin innolla jo asukuvia!

  2. This belt is on my list!! I saw a blush pink one that I fell in love with. Can I ask what size you got? The belt sizing is sooo weird to me!


    1. Yeah the sizing was a little confusing to me too! I got this is the size "75" and it fits me perfectly. Hope that helps! :) x


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