New boots!

I got some new boots from Zara! I've wanted these for a while but I thought I'd wait
a while before I got some new shoes again since I just recently got the brown boots from
Zalando and I kinda felt like I spent too much money on shopping around Christmas anyway.
So finally when I went to Zara to get these they were sold out in my size and I was so
disappointed but then yesterday I went to a different Zara, not even thinking about these
and I saw them and this was the last pair and it was in my size! So I had to
get them and I'm so happy I did!!

xo Sylvie


  1. Well it seems like it was Fate :)!

  2. Aivan ihanat, ottaisin itsellenikin heti! :) Ja vitsi mikä tuuri! Ne selvästikkin kuulu sulle ;)

    1. Kiitti! Ja olivat viel alennukses! :D


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