Leopard coat

Faux fur coat - H&M / Scarf - Asos / Shirt - Zara / Vintage pants / Boots - Nelly
 Hey guys! This is what I wore yesterday.
It's so windy over here it's almost scary! I've been wearing my faux fur coats a lot lately,
even though it doesn't really feel like winter over here since there's no snow. Which doesn't
bother me that much since I don't like snow and also I can continue wearing heels.
But it's definitely cold! So a furry coat really comes in handy, especially if it's this pretty 
like this leopard one I got from H&M many years ago, but I haven't gotten over
it yet. I'm really into the 70's vibe so I added this little white scarf and tied it in the
back so it kinda looks like a choker. It's my favorite accessory this season.
xo Sylvie


  1. This looks so beautiful and chic. So pretty how you layered this faux fur leopard coat with a flowy white shirt. Beautiful!!


  2. Tres jolie! You look stunning. Please do a skincare routine your skin is amazing how do you stay moisturized in the cold and your favourite products also a health and fitness post Sylvie.

    1. I just moisturize my skin often and I also use a mineral foundation from MAC that moisturizes my skin and makes it look glowy. Hope that helps!! :)


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