Blue fur

Blazer and pants - Mango / Faux fur scarf - Kappahl / Turtleneck - Monki / Shoes - Asos
Hey guys! This is what I wore yesterday to a party I went to.
I felt like wearing an all black androgynous outfit and I put on this furry scarf to
add some color to the look. I'm so obsessed with furry scarves at the moment
and I think they are a cool alternative to normal scarves. I got this one a while ago
but I wasn't sure what to wear it with since it's so colorful. But I think it looks good 
with black and other dark colors. It's the perfect thing to wear on colder days.
Hope you guys are having a good weekend too! :)
xo Sylvie


  1. Loving this faux fur color.


  2. Nice full black look and gorgeous furry scarf! I agree with you regarding the fact that the black look may appear a little too much androginous but that so coloured neon blue scarf completely fixes this problem with great results!
    Anyway I hope you enjoyed the party the most and that everything has gone according to your expectations!



  3. The scarf is such a lovely addition to the outfit, wow! Black and dark blue look so good together x


  4. your blue fur looks cool and unique !

  5. Anonymous12/01/2015

    Dear Sylvie,
    This is an excellent example of dramatic simplicity. I didn’t even know those two things could calmly coexist in the same outfit!
    The androgynous black outfit + shoes give it a modern simplistic core while the electric blue fur gives it a ROAR.
    Pure genious!


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