Suede skirt

Knit - H&M / Suede skirt - O.I.S / Heels - Dinsko
This is what I wore yesterday. 
I wore this amazing suede skirt for the first time since I got it and I 
have to say that I was a little nervous about getting it because
I wasn't sure if it would go with a lot of stuff, but turns out that it does!
 It's also a big statement piece for this fall, definitely something that's 
been on my must-have list for a while so I'm so happy I finally found a good
suede skirt and got it! I paired it up with white pumps and this oversize knit 
because I love big knits and I think they are just so soft and cozy witch is
perfect for this cold weather. This one is in a really cool light beige color 
which looks great with the color of the skirt.. I think it's definitely time
to start wearing warmer clothes because it's getting super cold over here!! 
xo Sylvie


  1. So classy and beautiful! Love the simplicity of this look.

  2. Siis mielettömän upea asu !! näyttää niin hyvältä kun leikkii eri materiaaleilla ja tekstuureilla.
    me loves !

    xx Maria

  3. This outfit is so lovely on you, you look fantastic!

    Danika Maia

  4. Anonymous10/08/2015

    Hei! Mistähän tuon hameen voisi ostaa joko nettikaupasta tai pääkaupunkiseudulla? Kiitokset!

    1. Moi! Ostin tän hameen Aleksi 13 liikkeestä Helsingissä. :)


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