Shirt - H&M / Skirt - ASOS / Shoes  (similar)
Hey guys! This is what I wore today.
I really like denim shirts especially in this shade of blue. I only
have 2 denim shirts because I wear them pretty rarely and usually in a 
'denim on denim' look, which I can't wait to wear again when it gets a little colder.
I thought this shirt would look good with this midi length split skirt from Asos 
that I haven't worn since last summer because I got more skirts and forgot 
that I even had this one. It wasn't really rainy today so I could finally leave my 
umbrella and trench coat home and also wear good heels! I'm so excited about this 
weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend! 

xo Sylvie


  1. Right! The denim shirt look so good with that skirt! Great look! :)
    Visit mine ❤️
    Flower or Crepe?


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