Coat and Knit dress (vintage) / Dress inside the knit dress - Asos / Shoes - Boohoo / Accessories - Glitter
 Today's outfit was pretty casual and easy.
I found this really cool hand knitted dress from the 80's in a vintage store a while ago
and I thought this was the perfect time to wear it. As u can see it's 
been snowing here but it won't stop me from dressing how I want.. haha!
And I thought I'd try something new so I curled my hair because its
always kinda straight but I feel like I look very different now, maybe too girly..

 I hope you guys are having a good week too even tho it's cold!
xo Sylvie


  1. The dress is crazy, love it

  2. I love your blog! Simply chic and minimalistic! Keep it up. I'm now following...kindly follow back. www.hercloseup.com


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