Turtleneck - Seppälä / Leather skirt - H&M / Shoes - AX Paris
I'm in all black today! I love how this turtleneck goes with the leather skirt so well
and I like mixing different textures together.
I've had these suede boots for soo long but I've never actually worn them before
because I've had a hard time matching them with outfits.
I don't like wearing boots over pants in winter and they are so warm that I can't wear
 them in summer time either.. But I think I found a way to wear them now! 
I feel like everything just works in this outfit.

Today I'm gonna do some shoe shopping again I'll try to take some pics during shopping,
I still haven't found the perfect "man shoes" yet.. haha! 

xo Sylvie


  1. HOLY SMOKES! I love this look! I'm so happy I just discovered your blog, your style is amazing! You've got a new Bloglovin' follower, babe ;) Keep up the good work!



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