Vintage coat / MONKI turtleneck / VILA pants / ASOS flats

Hey guys! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This is what I wore on Saturday.
I was going for an androgynous vibe this time, although I don't think my style is particularly
girly on other times.. I was going to a casual party so I kept it very simple and minimal just the
way I like it. I'm going through one of those no color phases right now where I basically wear only
black and white until I get bored with it and start feeling like all my outfits are starting to look
the same. Then I start adding some color! This combination of straight black pants and white flats
is something I do quite often I really like the effortless vibe these two pieces have. This combo
can be dressed up to look less casual too with a cool shirt and some nice accessories.

xo Sylvie



ZARA jeans / ASOS boots

Hey guys! I decided to start sharing the process of how I put my outfits together.
From the little details to good layering tips! Today I'm wearing cropped blue jeans with
black boots. Cropped jeans were one of my favorite things to wear during fall and I wanna
continue wearing them during winter but not freeze at the same time. Pairing them with
long ankle boots will do the trick and it also looks really good too! I think this would look
good with a long coat and some golden hoop earrings. The full look is coming soon!
Have a great weekend guys!

xo Sylvie


Black and white

H&M coat / MONKI turtleneck / LINDEX flares / ZARA boots
Hey everyone! So this is what I wore yesterday. It started snowing again
so I decided to cover up a little more. I chose to wear my favorite white coat with
these flared black jeans. I always get so excited about wearing this coat because I wear
it so rarely mostly because the obvious reason, it's white. So I'm always kinda paranoid
that I'm gonna mess it up when wearing it (and occasionally asking my friends to
check my back, lol!) Anyway I'm really into the 70's vibe these days. I feel like my
style keeps changing every day because I get inspired by so many different things and I
wanna constantly try new styles, but I always keep it super minimal because it's my
aesthetic and it's what comes naturally to me.. Hope you guys have a great day!

xo Sylvie


Faux fur coat

MANGO faux fur coat / LINDEX pants / ZARA loafers

I've been dying to share this look with you guys because I'm so happy
about finally starting to wear this leopard faux fur coat! This is by far my favorite coat
this winter. It's one of those good coats that don't only look good but actually keep
you warm too. I love how vintage it looks and that it's really big. You guys already know
how I feel about over sized coats. I'm probably gonna be wearing this a lot especially
on the colder days. I got this from Mango a super long time ago so they don't have these
anymore but I'm gonna try to look for similar alternatives for you guys!

xo Sylvie


New boots

Heels from ASOS
Hey guys! I was browsing through Asos, as I do so often and came across these
latex looking block heels which kinda look like socks to me and I just had to get them!
I had decided that if I buy any new shoes this winter they'd most likely be some kind of
practical boots for winter which would have to be easy to style in many outfits, but so far
no luck! However I though since there's no snow yet I'll just keep wearing high heels
and these ones are just perfect for right now. I never get tired of black boots!

xo Sylvie